Kronan snus. The first review of "lower priced" snus brand families!

Kronan logoGreetings fellow Snustopians!

While I was sitting in my study this past weekend watching SSNN (Snustopia Satellite News Network) to see how the economy was doing, (yes, my friends, Snustopia is in the same boat as the rest of the world when it comes to the economy) something hit me! I've been reviewing a lot of very popular snus this year that can be a bit pricy if that's all that you're ordering! Grant it; even a can of Nick & Johnny West is still cheaper than a pack of cigarettes in most places! So I decided that I would do my next review on an entire brand of lower priced snus and the brand we'll be reviewing today is Kronan.

General Dry Mint Mini white portion snus. A review of a Swedish snus made for America!

general dry mini mintWell Snustopians, the snus we'll be reviewing today is one that most of you may not have ever heard of, General Dry Mint mini portion snus. I say this because not only is it a new snus, it's a snus that's only available in America! How did I find it? Well, while I was out and about last week, I stopped in at a local Pipe and Tobacco shop here in Snustopia and saw something new.

General Sterk White Portion snus. A review of one of the first Sterk snus!

general sterk openWelcome back fellow Snustopians!

I was sitting here in my office today at the Ministry of Snus Information, going thru all the reviews we've done together and, something struck me. We've done quite a few snus reviews on strong/Sterk snus brands but left one important one out!

Snus Review: Kardus Cincho 2012 loose snus by Swedish Match, a snus that’s truly one of a kind!

kardus 2012 cinchoWell Snustopians, it's that time of year again, the holidays! To everyone other than Swedish snus lovers, the holidays mean time with friends and family, brightly colored lights and presents. To Swedish snus lovers however, it means the release of Swedish Match's unique snus offering, Kardus! You may be asking yourselves "Why would snus lovers be so excited about a snus release Snus Guy? What is so special about this Kardus snus?" Well, for one, it's a handmade, hand cut loose snus that typically takes over a year to make, is made from unique tobaccos and spirits and is released in a limited run. It's also a one of a kind snus that is produced once and never repeated. Let's get into the review of this year's offering, Kardus Cincho 2012, and you'll better understand!

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