Claq Qui by Röda Lacket - Another new strong snus!

claq quiWell Snustopians, before we go into tasting Claq Qui, I think it may be best to do a little explaining about why the recent reviews have been on strong snus. Since before Snustopia was created, and about the same time I began my journey into Swedish snus, there's been a clamor among snus users for a larger vareity of snus with a higher nicotine content. I jumped on the bandwagon as well recently since there were only 4 brands with a Nicotine content above 11 mg per gram. The only one I liked was Skruf Stark portions which have 14 mg per gram! In response to all the requests, Swedish Match has answered the call by offering 3 new higher nicotine "Sterks" and one of them, General Ekstra Sterk, is the strongest snus on the market with 15 mg per gram! I haven't yet tried this snus yet but, Claq Qui is one of the new 3 and, a unique one at that! So, without any further delay or, rambling from me, here's my take on Röda Lacket Claq Qui!

Grovsnus Svart - The new Strong, Black portion in town!!

GrovSnusSvart 240x174Welcome back Snustopians! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Today, we're going to review the newest edition to the Grovesnus line, Grovesnus Svart. Before we go on, I guess we should begin by explaining what "Svart" means. Some of you that are relatively new to Swedish snus, and Snustopia for that matter, may confuse the word "Svart" with "Sterk" or "Stark". "Svart" is Swedish for "Black" while "Sterk" and "Stark" means "Strong". It is confusing because Grovsnus Svart is both! Yes, Snustopians, this snus is a black portion and STRONG! Since this snus is really new, I wanted to finish the entire tin before doing the review. I normally don't do that because I have a few different flavors open at a time but, Grovsnus Svart, I had no problems doing that with! I actually grabbed it before any other and, went thru the tin in 2 days! Well, enough babbling! On to the review.

Christmas comes early to Snustopia!!!

general onyxYes my fellow Snustopians you heard right! Christmas has indeed come early to Snustopia direct from the great folks at Swedish Match! Today, we will be doing a special review on General Onyx portion snus. Why is it special, you ask? Well, let's do the review on the snus first then, we'll go onto why this review is special! General Onyx is a strong, large, white portion snus. The nicotine in this snus is 11 mg per portion which makes it stronger than the standard white portion but, the Nicotine content in this snus is not the only thing that makes Onyx unique!

Göteborg's Rapé No. 2, Our first portion review!

goteborgs rape no2Welcome back everyone!! Sorry for the length of time since our last tour. I have been outside of Snustopia scouting a field trip location. I think I found one! It's Snuffland but, I'll speak more to this land in a later tour. Today, we will be reviewing a portion snus called Göteborg's Rapé No. 2. This snus is a large, white portion snus. If you remember back to the lesson on the differences of Portion snus, this is also a dry portion snus. Göteborg's Rapé No. 2 is one of my personal favorite portion snus for many reasons but, the number one reason is that it is Lingonberry flavored.

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