General Classic White Mint portion snus, a mint twist on a classic snus!

10807 mediumWell friends, it's that time of year again here in Snustopia! It's beginning to get colder outside, the leaves are almost gone from the trees and everyone is beginning to gear up for Thanksgiving with it's festive feasts, time with family and friends and the ever popular sport of "Black Friday"! While that's here in Snustopia, in Sweden it's time for the snus manufacturers to begin releasing new products! Names like Kardus, Julesnus and General Classic..." WAIT!.....Hey Snus Guy, did you say General Classic? General Classic has always been the same, what gives?"

Catch Chill Mint Vanilla Mini, a review of the first snus in a collecton of four!

catch chill collectionWelcome back Snustopians!

Today I thought we'd review a brand new snus to Snustopia, Catch Chill Collection, Mint Vanilla mini portion. I must admit though, I was a little leery about this snus because it is the first mini portion snus I've ever tried but then I thought "Snustopia is a place where we review snus together" so, I made the decision and we'll review this new snus, together! The unique thing about the Catch Chill Collection of mini snus is that it is one in a total collection of four to be released in 2009! I know what your thinking, "Snus Guy! What do you mean by a Collection?" Good question! Catch plans to release four different flavors of this snus thruout the year. As another is released, the prior will dissapear, making each flavor a Limited Edition within the collection!

General Ekstra Sterk Portion snus, a suprisingly strong snus review!

general ekstra sterkWelcome back Snustopians!
I must first admit that, I've been a bit nervous about reviewing General Ekstra Sterk snus! As you all know, I do quite a bit of research before and during a review and, before actually tasting this snus, I went to a few forums, just to see what was being said about it. Overall, the consensus was that General Ekstra Sterk was really, really strong! Since we began our journey thru snus and Snustopia, I've felt my tolerance to nicotine actually fall a little so, I worried what the "Strongest snus in the world" would do to me and, would I be able to give the same unbiased reviews you all have come accustomed to reading from me! The'll have to read on to find out!

Kardus 2008 Limited Edition, In a league of it's own

kardus logoWelcome back Snustopians! I know I said in the past that, I'd try to get reviews out to you every couple of days but, this snus took some time to compile. Each time I try a new snus flavor, I usually spend a day or two using only that snus so, I can give my honest opinion about it. Every once in a while, I come across one that takes more time due to the snus' taste complexity and/or texture. This would be one of those times. Since this is a limited edition run, I realize that it may be sold out before you have the chance to purchase it but, fear not Snustopians! The best things in life are definitely worth waiting for! So, without any further ranting by me, I present to you, Kardus 2008 - Limited Edition Snus.

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