The Awakening

So, here we are. The second stop on the road to Snustopia! As I said in the "Beginnings" post, today we will learn the difference between true Swedish Snus and "American" Snus. I will also go into what led me to make the decision I have made. Before we embark on our journey though, I must say this: I do not claim to be the "All Knowing", "All Seeing", end all to beat all source for Swedish or any other snus. I am simply on a quest for knowledge and taking you, the reader, along for the journey! The opinions I have formed are my own based on personal tastes and what I have learned from others more knowledgable than me. (Which is everyone according to my Wife) Whew! Glad that's over! Now, if everyone's ready, On to the Awakening!

The Beginnings

camel snusWell, we're off! I guess I should explain why I created this blog first. It all began with a race. At the time, I was a 2+ pack a day smoker for the past 27 years. I've tried every method out there to stop and none of them worked for any amount of time. Patches, gums, lozenges, cold turkey, voodoo dolls, prescription drugs, nothing. I had seriously been trying for 5 years and the only thing I got out of these things was a headache and a smaller balance in the bank. Well, I had convinced myself that I was going to be a smoker for life and there was nothing I could do about it! Now, your probably sitting there saying "here we go, another whiny guy with no self control and will power.". Since I could write a day long blog just on that subject, we'll press on with the story.

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