Portion Snus, the Big and Small of it!

Welcome back!!! I hope you all had a great day off! Today, we will be discussing the different types of Portion snus. My goal for this post is, by the end of it, you will know a bit about the world of portions, the differences between them and lössnus and have enough information to make an informed purchase. This may be my longest post yet due to there being many different types of portions so, please be patient and read the entire post. I just do not want you to make the same mistake I did in the beginning. So, if your ready, pop in a pris of lös, grab you favorite beverage (yes, you can drink and read here in Snustopia!) and get ready to enter the land of portion snus!

Ministry of Information - Snus Type and Destinction, Reverse Yearing office

Welcome to the home of Snus Longevity and Brand Distinction! This is the place to learn about how long snus can last when stored properly, how to read the "Best Before" dates on snus can bottoms and, where snus is produced. We also house reviews of all snus brands used here in Snustopia! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the section to the left of the post page. Going forward on your journey, all posts will be listed in this pane. This will make it easier for you to go back and review ANY previous posts, if needed! We here at the Snustopia Information Ministry, are striving to make your transition from Tourist to Resident as easy as possible. Please feel free to post any questions or comments you have and, we will respond to them as quickly as possible! Thank you and , enjoy your stay here in Snustopia! M.o.I. - S.T. and D.R.Y.

From "Tourist" to "National"

Welcome back! Has anyone done the homework assignment? I hope you have because you'll need it! In the posts going forward, I will be helping you to become a resident of Snustopia by showing you how to properly use snus, how it should be stored, what "Best Before Date" means and how to read them on the bottom of the tin along with taste reviews on the brands I have already tried and new flavors as I try them. Hopefully, you have done the extra credit work and ordered yourself a tin or two from the fine folks at BuySnus.com. If not, because you are new to snus, my recommendations for a "resident in training" in Snustopia would be a Portions "starter" box from them. 8 tins with a great vareity to start with. If funds are limited (mine were), a tin of General white portion and a tin of General Lös will do until you get accustomed to our national past time! So, If you're ready, let's learn how we snus in Snustopia!


Hopefully, you have read the last 2 posts and have formed some questions or, at the very least, opinions about Swedish Snus. In the last post, I had said that we would go into the different types of Swedish Snus and about SnusOn.com. As promised, this is exactly what we will be doing in this chapter. I named this chaper "Creation!" because it was at this stage of my research that I created a love for Swedish snus and basically ended a 27 year habit. The creation of that love began with the finding of SnusOn.com.

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