General Tailored

general tailoredA White portion snus with the traditional flavors of Bergamot, tobacco, salt and a touch of smokiness. General Tailored is unique in the fact the the material is much softer and more comfortable in the lip. The can is also a bit smaller than the standard snus can with the used portion compartment in the bottom. Each can of General tailored has the portions arranged in the "Star" pattern that shapes the portions into a wedge shape for even more comfort

Nicotine: 8 mg per portion   Amount: 20 portions     Type: White portion      Availability: World Wide

General Wintergreen White portion

General WintergreenA white portion snus with medium moistness. Flavors include earthy tobacco, and a mildly sweet Wintergreen taste. This Swedish snus is the first to have a flavor that was specifically developed for the US market. Due to the low moisture content in this snus, the flavors are light and smooth.

Nicotine: 8 mg per portion   Amount: 24 portions     Type: Large White      Availability: World Wide

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