NACS 2012, New Smokeless products on the horizon!

As the title to this article says, we recently had the opportunity to see what new smokeless products are on the horizon to be released soon and will be available in a convenience store near you! From a new pre portioned Skoal Long Cut to many more types, and flavors, of E-Cigarettes and even a type of dry nasal snuff that has had it's roots in history for over 500 years! We've even seen some of the new Swedish snus brands that are making a huge impact in the Smokeless Tobacco category. So, how and where did we get to see all of this, you may ask? NACS 2012 is where we learned of all the new products that will be in a convenience store near you soon so, grab a cold drink, your favorite smokeless product and read on to learn what we learned at this year's NACS show!

Huge "Win" for Smokeless tobacco in Indiana!

switch quit rodu 132It seems that Smokeless tobacco products, like Swedish snus and American smokeless, are not as harmfull as the Anti-Tobacco folks may think and it's thanks to Dr. Brad Rodu and the great state of Indiana for bringing this exciting new idea to light! Lawmakers in Indiana are looking to these types of products as a way to lower the amount of smokers in the Hoosier state.

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