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Reviewing Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion snus, V2 Tobacco’s strongest white portion snus!

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thunder white raw frosted portion snusWriting a snus review of a Spearmint flavored Swedish snus in the wintertime has to be one of my favorite times to review one, with the snow covering the trees and rooftops making it look like they've been draped with fluffy white cotton blankets! As I sit here in my office, looking out at the freshly fallen snow, it inspired me to do a review on a new snus made by V2 Tobacco, Thunder Ultra Strong White portion snus. Now, you're probably asking yourselves "Why would looking at snow inspire you to write a review on a strong snus brand? Maybe you need you take a vacation Snus Guy!" While I really do need a vacation, the feelings I get from seeing the fluffy white snow, combined with the brisk Snustopian air, reminds me of the feelings I get from the flavor in Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion! Confused? Well, let's get into the review and you'll begin to see what I mean so grab a portion of your favorite snus, or prilla if you're using loose snus, a nice warm drink and let's begin.

Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion snus (which was formally Thunder RAW Frosted Ultra Strong White portion snus) is a White portion variety of Thunder Ultra Strong portion snus made by the Vogel brothers at V2 Tobacco in Silkeborg, Denmark. Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White is classed as a White type portion which means that each portion does not go thru the extra step in the manufacturing process that adds a bit more moisture to them. By omitting this step, the portion material remains its original White color and the overall portion is a bit dryer than an Original type. Even though the portions are dryer than their Original type siblings, V2 uses the same soft teabag type of material in Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White that they do in all of their portions which is quite soft and comfortable in the lip for about two hours with virtually no drip.

White versions of Original type snus brands also tend to have much more muted flavors but this is not so with Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong thunder ufwhite openWhite. Each can of Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White contains approximately 22 portions that are .8 grams each with a whopping 21 mg of Nicotine per portion! "Wow Snus Guy, 21 mg of Nicotine! That's pretty strong!" It is one of the strongest snus brands on the market but what makes Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White different is the way it delivers it! Like all Swedish snus, the Nicotine is delivered over a period of time which ranges between 30 minutes and one hour. Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White releases its Nicotine slowly and for about 45 minutes so the hit is gradual and lasts unlike some that deliver it more quickly which can result in head spins and a queasy feeling.

For this review, I've used Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White exclusively for a week and can tell you this; Even though it's an Ultra Strong snus, I did not experience any of this. While you can feel the high amount of Nicotine, it's more of a relaxing feeling, not the woozy feeling I usually get from other Ultra Strong snus brands.
The can that Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White comes in is made from black plastic and has a convenient used portion compartment in the lid. The label is pretty cool and actually looks a bit intimidating! A foil type label with bolts of lightning and the "Ultra Strong" name scratched on it like the finger of Thor himself wrote it on the label! "Snus Guy, your can obsession is showing again!" Sorry, it is a pretty cool looking label but you're right so let's get into the flavor part of the review!

Like I said in the beginning, Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White is a White version of Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong and the flavor of both is exactly the same. The flavor profile is described as Spearmint but, I think that this description is a bit generic. Since most Spearmint flavored snus tends to be a bit on the sweet side and if you're a gum chewer, when you read "Spearmint flavored" you'll almost automatically think Wrigley's Spearmint gum. Well, this is not what Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White tastes like! What I taste is a true Spearmint flavor that's intense and icy cool with no sweetness whatsoever. It's just a clean mint flavor that gives you the typical mint burn in the lip that you come to expect from mint flavored snus. Along with the Icy cool Spearmint flavor, you can also taste the faint flavor of black pepper in the background.

What makes this White type different from the Original type is something that occurs whenever you have a white version of an original type snus, flavor release. In Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong, the flavor is immediate and so is the drip. In this White version, the flavor is delayed but then again it's not. "Really Snus Guy, been skiing of the Capital building roof again have you?" Honestly, this is what I experience with this snus! Let me try to explain; when you open the can, you can tell that this is a Spearmint flavored snus just by the scent. Once you get a portion in your lip, it takes a few minutes for the actual flavor to come out however, due to the intensity of the Spearmint flavor; you can feel the burn in your lip almost immediately and the strength of the flavoring goes into your nose from the back of your throat giving you the sensation of taste! Since this snus really doesn't drip, it's a pretty unique experience! Overall, if you like the flavor of Spearmint but like a portion that has a strong taste with no drip, you have to give Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White a try! So, what to drink with an intensely flavored spearmint snus? Let's take a look!

This part of the review was not as easy for me as you may think. As you all know, I'm a tea freak and what I found was that just about every type tea I tried couldn't overcome the strong Spearmint flavor. What did go well was a strong Earl Grey! The bergamot flavor in the tea seemed to play quite well with the Spearmint flavor and helped to mute it a bit. Green teas wound up tasting like Spearmint tea as did some of the Oolongs. If you're a soda drinker, forget about it. The snus actually gives the cola a weird after taste and completely ruins the snus. I had some of my friends here in Snustopia give it a try with beers and wines with the same results but what did seem to go well with it was stronger liquors like Bourbon and Gin. The strong flavors in these spirits seemed to mix really well, so I'm told. If you try Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White, I'd be interested to hear what drinks you all feel went well with it!

My overall recommendations for Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion, Snustopians, is this; if you're a fan of Spearmint and want a snus that has a truly intense Spearmint flavor without the sweetness or drip, Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion snus is one you have to try! If you're new to Ultra Strong snus, Thunder Frosted Ultra -Strong White is one you really need to try since the Nicotine kick is quite strong but it comes on slower and longer that other ultra-strong brands on the market and is much more manageable!
Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion snus can be found at Snustopia's only online Swedish snus shop, The, which offers great prices and fast shipping! Well Snustopians, I hope you found this review of Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White portion snus informative and fun. Be sure to leave any questions, comments or suggestions on snus brands you would like to see reviewed below and I'll answer them as soon as I can. So Snustopians, as always,

Happy Snusing!

Rob a.k.a. That Snus Guy

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