Skruf Stark Lös! Loved by ALL Snustopians!!

skruf stark looseYes, I love Skruf Stark Lös! In my opinion, this is the best Strong lös snus out there. Before we go on to the review, we have a new word to learn about. "Stark". Stark basically means "Strong" and, Stark isn't the only word used for strong snus. Sterk is also used by some manufacturers as well. "But Snus Guy, when you say "Strong", do you mean in flavor or nicotine content"? Sterk and Stark are used to describe the nicotine content. Now that you know the meaning of Stark, let's go on to the review! Skruf Stark Lös is a loose weight snus like the Göteborgs Rapé we reviewed. You will need to either Hand Bake a pris or use a tool to form the pris. In texture, Skruf Stark is a coarse, wet snus that has a wonderful flavor and a good amount of Nicotine.

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