Lost in Snuffland!!

nasal snuff-exampleWell, I've got a confession to make. We will be reviewing Skruf Stark Lös today but, I've been across the proverbial pond, in Snuffland, for the last week sampling a relatively forgotten form of smokeless tobacco, Nasal Snuff. As you all may have guessed from reading previous posts and reviews, I tend to throw myself head first and 100% into things I want to try. With nasal snuff, I did just that! For those of you who have not heard of nasal snuff, let me give you the Cliff's notes version of what it is. Nasal Snuff is a powdered form of tobacco that is sniffed, or snuffed, thru the nose where the nicotine is absorbed by the mucous membranes. Snuffs are sometimes flavored with aromas ranging from Vanilla to Chocolate (yes Chocolate which, in my opinion, is awesome!) and and almost every flavor imaginable. Some have a mentholated component added which, if you have Sinusitis as I do, can be soothing and opens the sinuses quite well!


Nasal Snuff is as old as the hills and may just be the oldest form of tobacco use as well! Theories have its use beginning 2000 B.C.E. but, it can positively be established that snuff was gaining in popularity nearer to the 15th century, in Europe. Speaking of Europe, there are many different grinds and moisture variations as well, most of which, were developed in Europe. America also produces a few different types as well but, the grinds and moisture levels tend to be the same. We will take the field trip to Snuffland soon where I'll go in depth about Nasal Snuff and review some of the flavors but, right now, there is an up and coming snuff manufacturer in England right now that is taking the Snuff world by storm. That company is Toque Snuff.

Toque is, in my honest opinion, the most innovative snuff manufacturer operating schmalzlerfranzltoday! The link to the right will take you to their online store where you can see the different flavors they are producing. The other thing that is appealing about using snuff is it's price. Relatively inexpensive, at an average of around $2.50 USD for a 10g can. Depending on how much you use, a can could last quite a while. I know you're sitting there saying "Snus Guy, sounds like you may be wanting to move to Snuffland! Could it be you have changed your opinion about Snus and Snustopia?". Here's where the confession comes in to play.

While I was doing my research, I had so fully engrossed myself in using nasal snuff that I had all but forgot about my first love. I literally snuffed morning, noon and night and only used about 3 pris' of snus all week. I was convinced that I was going to go with snuff as my mainstay and snus would take a backseat to the Snuff world. Then I remembered something. Skruf Stark Lös.

I remembered that Skruf Stark was what sealed the deal with my love for snus and, I had not had a pris of it for a solid week. I said to myself "I'll have one last pris of my old friend and, off she'll go to the abyss of the freezer". Boy was I wrong!!! That pris brought back all the reasons why I love snus. The feel in my lip when I come home from a hard days work (hard day is dependent on who you talk to), how I loved the taste with my favorite beverages, the slow and lasting release of nicotine that calms me, all the feelings came back. It was then that I decided that there will be no replacement for my beloved snus, only an accompaniment! I will always love snuff but, my love for snus will never be replaced! This is the reason there has not been a post in sometime and, I promise, there will be more snus reviews but, we may throw a snuff review in from time to time. That's my story and, I'm sure your done listening about my snuff adventure. If your interested in trying nasal snuff, do visit Toque Snuff first. They are a great company, dedicated to making the snuff experience more enjoyable from ordering to consuming.

So now, if your ready, we'll start a new post and, it will be on the review of Skruf Stark Lös!!!

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