From "Tourist" to "National"

Welcome back! Has anyone done the homework assignment? I hope you have because you'll need it! In the posts going forward, I will be helping you to become a resident of Snustopia by showing you how to properly use snus, how it should be stored, what "Best Before Date" means and how to read them on the bottom of the tin along with taste reviews on the brands I have already tried and new flavors as I try them. Hopefully, you have done the extra credit work and ordered yourself a tin or two from the fine folks at If not, because you are new to snus, my recommendations for a "resident in training" in Snustopia would be a Portions "starter" box from them. 8 tins with a great vareity to start with. If funds are limited (mine were), a tin of General white portion and a tin of General Lös will do until you get accustomed to our national past time! So, If you're ready, let's learn how we snus in Snustopia!


The most common way to use snus is to place the portion or, if your using the lös first, the Prilla or Pris (pronounced Price) in the front of the upper lip. Pretty much just to the left or right of the little piece of skin between the inner lip and gums. Although some snussers will place it in the bottom lip like American dip, we will be using the upper lip. "But why?" you say? Simple, this is the way I was taught to use snus in the true Swedish way! This method produces the lowest amount of saliva so, less saliva, less juice, less wanting to spit but, with Swedish Snus, you can swallow the small amount of juice! I did when I began and love the flavor. In my research, the nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream thru the mucus membranes in the mouth so, I find that, when my gums are dry, the nicotine is absorbed better. Also, the upper lip tends not to get as much saliva so, this is the best practice in Snustopia. Now, you will probably read that the nicotine is absorbed only by the lining of the stomach so, swallowing the juice is the ONLY way to get it. WRONG!! While there is some absorbed by swallowing the juice, the main transference is thru the gums so, if your standoffish about swallowing the juice, spit. As long as you get enjoyment from our past time, the Snus police won't toss you in jail for spitting. Just know, it's safe to do so! Ok, that's enough about where to put your snus and swallowing or not swallowing.

"How Long do I keep a portion or pris in?" Good question! It basically depends on your preference. Based on my research, the average in Sweden is anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes. Which, to be honest, I could never understand. In my personal experience, the snus seems to begin to get flavorful after 30 minutes and, with some flavors, will last up to 2 hours. The main thing to remember is this, it takes about 10 minutes for the nicotine to start working and is pretty much gone from the snus after about 45 minutes. In my opinion, after about 1 hour for portions, the flavor is pretty much gone. Lös snus flavor, for me anyway, lasts the longest. I generally get flavor for up to 2 hours with each pris. As you go, you'll find your favorites and form your own opinions. That's the great thing with snus and our country's mantra. "Everyone tastes something different in the same snus and we want to hear about it!"

Speaking of the Mantra, there is a rule of the land. As you tour the land of Snustopia and explore the tastes of different snus, I value your opinion on what you taste. Please feel free to post comments about what you are tasting or questions about snus. I created Snustopia to educate, to the best of my ability, and share snus with the rest of the world so, post away. I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can. Thank you. -Snustopia Ministry of Questions and Tastes, Tourists Division.

Since we seem to be going with the basics, let's talk storage. Swedish Snus is best kept at a temperature of +8°C (that is what is on the bottom of the cans, converted to Fahrenheit it's 46.4° or 45°F). Does this need to be precise? No. Making a home in the bottom of the fridge is just fine. I keep mine in a mini fridge, near my desk. My obsession with snus has called for a dedicated fridge simply because I have so many. I will give you my method for storing: Sealed tins with a Best Before date at least 2 months out are kept in the fridge along with opened tins. (I have about 6 tins open at any given time for vareity) Tins with Best Before dates 1 1/2 months or less go into a ziplock bag with as much air removed as possible and the date then, into the freezer. Purchased rolls go into the freezer and tins are taken out as needed and defrosted in the fridge for 24 hours prior to use. You can freeze snus for up to a year with little taste loss. Haven't had any last that long but, some have and they are fine. The only thing snus does not like is heat. Why you ask? again, it's due to the process it's cured by and the formation of those nasty TSNA's we spoke about in chapter 2. When out and about in Snustopia, I carry a tin with a divider in it and carry 4 different kinds. Some flavored, some Strong and some regular portions. (even the Snustopia founder is still self conscious regarding Lös and using it in public.) I personally love the feel of cold snus on my gums so, My snus lives in the fridge when it's at home. You'll develope a taste for how you like your snus as we go on but, just remember. By snus not liking heat I mean HOT! Like keeping your snus in the car on a +90°F day, all day, all the time....Not good. It will begin to ferment and that's not good. Keeping it in your pocket for 8 hours or, on your desk is fine. Remember, snus tastes best when it's moist and, keeping it in the fridge will keep it that way longer.

Ok. I've given you enough to read for today. We'll continue on in the next chapter. Remember, If you have started snus, please post your comments or questions. We have an extensive knowledge base here in the land and will try to answer your questions with it along with adding your comments to it.

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