Gotlandssnus Fläder - Green portion snus, a simple review of a complex snus!

jakobssons flader portionWelcome back Snustopians!

While I was wondering around the Snustopian National Indoor Gardens this week, the smell of the flowers and Apple Blossoms reminded me of the flavor of Gotlands Fläder and all the confusion there was with the name. That's when I decided that a proper review needed to be done so other Snustopians wouldn't have to go thru what I did.

Gotländs Julesnus, The original Christmas snus!

gls-julsnusWell, my dear Snustopians, There's only 2 days left before Christmas and, I figured now would be the perfect time to review the original Julesnus, Gotländs Julesnus. You may be wondering why I waited this long after reviewing V2's Nordströmmen's Julesnus to do the review on Gotländs. I did this for three reasons. First off, V2 released their version first so, once I received it, I was excited to tell you about it. Second, I wanted to really spend time with Gotländs' so I could give an accurate review of it without getting it confused with V2's. Third, what better time to review a snus that was specifically created for Christmas than, as close to the holiday as I could! I know what you saying, "Jeeze SnusGuy, you waited until the end of the season to review this one and we may not be able to get any!" Not to worry Snustopians, Julesnus is not like Kardus. Both versions will be available until the end of the year and, it's not a limited run. They simply stop producing at the end of the year. You'll have a chance to get it if, you already haven't! So, Let's get right into the review of Gotländs Julesnus!

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