Reviews by That Snus Guy

Snus Accessories 101. Icetools and Prismasters and snus boxes, oh my!

icetool mysteryGreetings Snustopians!

Today I thought we would do something a little different. Rather than do a review on a particular snus, I thought we would go over some of the things you can use to enhance your enjoyment of snus. Some of them are essential to that enjoyment and some are just plain cool to have! So, with that information in hand, let's begin our lesson in Snus Accessories.

You may be asking why I would do a review on snus accessories. One of the reasons is the amount of questions I've been getting about the differences between the Prismaster and the Icetool! While I was doing research on these two portioning tools, I came across a few other accessories that looked really cool! I figured that if I'm going to do a review on tools, let's do a review on all the things available!

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