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Zeroberg Lakrits Tobacco and Nicotine free snus

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zeroberg lakritsZeroberg Lakrits is a Licorice flavored, Original style snus that has no tobacco in it's recipe or Nicotine. Using a secret recipe developed by V2 Tobacco in Denmark that includes Apple fibers, Zeroberg has no vegetable aftertaste that's common in some Tobacco and Nicotine free snus brands and a neutral pH level for better oral helath. The flavor of Zeroberg Lakrits is of slightly sweet and salty black licorice, a true Scandinavian flavor classic in Swedish snus. If you're looking for a Nicotine free snus with a classic Swedish flavor, Zeroberg Lakrits tobacco and Nicotine free snus is the brand for you!

Nicotine: Tobacco & Nicotine free    Amount: Approx. 24 portions    Type: Original portion    Availability: Worldwide

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