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Zeroberg Original Tobak & Nikotinfri

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zeroberg originalZeroberg snus is a Tobacco and Nicotine free snus for those who want to either reduce or eliminate their Nicotine intake. Unlike other tobacco and Nicotine free snus that use a mix of vetetable fibers to mimick the texture of tobacco, Zeroberg uses fibers from apples in their secret recipe which doesn't give any off flavors and makes the product's pH levels neutral. Zeroberg Original's flavor is as close to standard Original flavored snus as you can get without using tobacco! The flavors of peat, sweet herbs and a touch of salt are the base flavors with no vegetable aftertaste that can be found in some tobacco and Nicotine free snus brands. If you're looking to kick the Nicotine habit or, just looking for a snus to use at night, Zeroberg Original is for you!

Nicotine: Tobacco & Nicotine free    Amount: Approx. 24 portions    Type: Original portion    Availability: Worldwide

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