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Thunder Blue Long+ portion snus

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thunder long blueOne of the most uniquely flavored snus on the market, Thunder Blue Long+ portion is an Extra Strong version of another snus brand by V2 Tobacco, Phantom Blue. Thunder Blue Long's flavor profile is predominantly of lemons with a sweet note, hints of tobacco and a touch of salt. The flavor we can closly compare Thunder Blue Long to is an American candy called "Lemonheads". While the scent from the can is of a strong lemon/pepper combination, the flavors are pretty light compared to other snus flavors in the Thunder line. Great for those looking for an ES with a light flavor but still want the kick of a high Nicotine snus.

Nicotine: 16 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: Long, Originall portion    Availability: Worldwide

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