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Thunder Berry Blend portion snus

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thunder berryA unique blend of ripe, red berries flavor this high Nicotine, Original type portion snus. The fresh flavors of sweet Cherries, Strawberries and Raspberries dominate the snus with a subtle hint of the earthy tobaccos in the background. Unlike other berry flavored snus brands that only focus on one type of berry, V2 has colored outside the lines by not only making a true red berry flavored snus but also making it with a whopping 16 mg of Nicotine per portion. The portions themselves are soft and comfortable in the lip and remain that way for over 2 hours. The flavor lasts just as long. If your looking for an Extra Strong snus with a truly unique flavor, give Thunder Berry Blend a try!

Nicotine: 16 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 24 portions    Type: Original portion    Availability: Worldwide

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