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Phantom White Dry portion refill snus

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phantom white portion refillEver wished there was a way you could make your own Swedish snus flavors without having a degree in Botany or Chemistry? Well, now you can with Phantom White Dry portion refill snus! This is a bag of dry, White type portions that you can add as little, or as much moisture and flavoring, to create your own unique snus flavors from in about 3 days time. The base tobacco flavor is there and with a myriad of snus flavorings (that can be purchased separately from the same shop you buy these from) available, the flavor possibilities are endless! You can even just add a bit of water to make your own Classic Original flavored snus, you're only limited by your imagination!

Nicotine: 8 mg per gram    Amount: Approx. 240 portions  Type: Dry, White portion    Availability: Scandinavia, Europe where allowed

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