Phantom Brown loose snus

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phantom brown losMade in Denmark to the same satndards that all Swedish snus is made, Phantom Brown loose is a coarse ground snus that is easy to mold into a prilla either by hand or tool. Coarse ground snus also holds it's shape longer in the lip while remaining comfortable for up to two hours. Phantom Brown's flavor is purely tobacco and salt but elements of dark chocolate, expresso and a peppery note can be found. these elements can also be found in the scent from the can making Phantom Brown loose a pretty unique snus all around. Perfect for the snus user looking for a loose with complex flavors that are a break from the norm!

Nicotine: 8 mg per gram    Amount: Approx. 40 grams   Type: Coarse ground loose    Availability: Scandinavia, Europe where allowed

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