Offroad Wintergreen portion snus

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Offroad Wintergreen Portion SnusA lower nicotine version of the popular Thunder Wintergreen, Offroad Wintergreen has the same flavor profile of cool Wintergreen with subtle notes of earthy, peaty tobaccos and a hint of salt,With approximately half the Nicotine.   A favorite among American smokeless users, the flavors closely resembled that of Skoal Wintergreen.  A perfect Snus for those looking to switch from American smokeless to Swedish Snus.

Nicotine: 8 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 24 portions    Type: Original  portion    Availability: Worldwide

Offroad White Mint mini portion snus

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offroad mint white miniFormally branded as Felinni Mini Mint as a limited edition, V2 has now added it to it's permanent line as Offroad White Mint mini portion. Offroad White Mint mini is one of the only mini white snus brands that has a true, fresh mint taste. Flavors of fresh tingly Mint mix with the earthy, leathery flavor of the tobaccos to create a flavor that's like putting a fresh sprig of Mint in your lip, including the light tingling sensation. Felinni Mini Mint was created with women in mind and still has this following. A great snus for women who are looking to switch from smoking as well as men looking for a more discreet snus with a fresh flavor!

Nicotine: 4 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: White, mini portion    Availability: Worldwide

Offroad Coola White portion snus

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offroad coola white portionA lower Nicotine, white version of the popular Thunder Coola, Offroad Coola White portion has a cola flavor that is reminscent of Royal Crown Cola, without the fizz! coming in at 8 mg. of Nicotine per portion, Offroad Coola White has half the amount of Nicotine with the same, unique taste. Offroad Coola White portion is a snus that new snus users as well as the seasoned snuser, looking for a completely different flavor will want to add to their rotation.

Nicotine: 8 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: White portion    Availability: Worldwide

Offroad Eucalyptus White mini portion snus

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offroad eucalyptus white miniA mini White version of Offroad Eucalyptus White, Offroad Eucalyptus White mini's flavor profile is the same predominantly cool Menthol flavor with an earthy note of tobacco and a touch of salt. While other Eucalyptus flavored snus brands tend to add hints of sweet mint to their formulas, Offroad Eucalyptus does not, leaving you with what this exotic flavor actually tastes like. Comfortable in the lip for up to two hours, Offroad Eucalyptus White mini is perfect for the snus user who likes a smaller, more discreet portion.

Nicotine: 4 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: White mini portion    Availability: Worldwide

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