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Nordstrommen Julesnus loose snus

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julesnus portionA loose version of Nordstrommen Julesnus portion snus, Julesnus Loose is a taste of the Holiday Season, in a snus! Flavors of sweet spices and a warm, spiced Scandinavian wine drink called Glogg are the predominant flavors in Julesnus with a slight earthy tobacco finish. The overall flavor in this loose version is a bit more subdued than the portion version but lasts much longer! Popular in Sweden for years and becoming a popular Christmas time favorite around the world, Nordstrommen Julesnus is only available from the middle of November thru the beginning of January each year.

Nicotine: 8 mg per gram    Amount: Approx. 40 grams    Type: Coarse Ground loose    Availability: Worldwide, thruought the holiday season

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