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Catch Collection Madison Avenue Mini White portion snus

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catch madison avenue 2013The newest member of the Catch Collection series, Madison Avenue is a Mini White portion snus with a unique caramel peppermint flavor. Flavors of Peppermint, deep caramel, vanilla and a touch of salt create a flavor that is close to a Sea Salt and caramel peppermint candy. The combination of sweet and salty flavors and 8 mg of Nicotine per portion, makes Madison Avenue a one of a kind flavor for a Swedish snus. Perfect for both men and women due to it's discreetness and high Nicotine kick, Madison Avenue will only be available for a limited time!

Nicotine: 8 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: Mini White portion    Availability: Worldwide, for a limited time

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