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A Brief History of Gotlandssnus


The History of Gotlandssnus

Before Gotlandssnus Became a company -
Henrik Jakobsson began to experiment with snus making in 2000 at home in his kitchen with old recipes .. Henry, who is a 4th generation snus connoisseur,has a great interest in snus making thanks mainly to his great grandfather Jakob Jakobsson who started producing Swedish snus in 1897. During the same time that Jacob was alive, there was a tobacco mill in Visby 1741-1844.

2002 -
Registered Gotlandssnus AB by Henrik Jakobsson. Henry started with the help of a mentor named Kent Sänd.

2003 -
Gotlandssnus AB launches its first product, Gotlands Anis loose. X-mas snus (Julesnus) loose launched the first Sunday in Advent 2003. Gotlandssnus made his first trip to the retailers on Gotland and sold in 700 boxes at about 15 stores. About the same time the first production up started .

2004 -
Gotlandssnus AB, an new (share) issue to get into production Technical knowledge. More partners and more knowledge, it can not go wrong.

2005 -
Gotlandssnus grew out of the first production area and moved to a new facility in the old sugar mill at Roma on Gotland Sweden. In conjunction with the new factory they began to produce portion pouched snus. During the summer Fläder (elderberries) Anis (Anise) and Original portion were released to the public.

2006 -
Began cooperate with Tobaca, another tobacco company. During that same year, Gotlandssnus began adding a small amount of Gotlands farmed, Alida tobacco, in the existing products. Alida tobacco originates in Åhus, and is added in all Gotlandssnus products.

2007 -
An new (share) issue to attract additional capital and knowledge in the market and sales

2008 -
Gotlandssnus launches the international and traditional brand Jakobsson's snus with 4 products in the family, two of which are nicotine free, and are based on Henry's great-grandfather Jakob Jakobsson recipies from the mid 1800's. The new international brand made a major foreign retailer take interest and took Gotlandssnus products in to their portfolio. In December 2008, Gotlandssnus signed a cooperation agreement with a foreign partner.

2009 -
A 3rd factory was built due to increased volumes and demand. The new production facility is an automated Lean Production type.
September 2 new products were launched; "Sprilla" and "Tobacco & Nicotine free" brands.

Today is Gotlandssnus AB the only 100% Swedish-owned snus manufacturer!

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