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E Cigarettes, Smokeless tobacco and Walt Disney World, an Editor’s Observation

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photo 5When you hear the words "Swedish snus" or "E Cigarettes", most of you reading this article will automatically know what they are and have a basic knowledge on how to use them. You can either use them both to completely stop smoking cigarettes, which is what I did with the help of Swedish snus and Nasal snuff, or you can use them as a substitute for smoking in places where you can't. Judging by the amount of websites out there that have great information about these products, including Smokeless Aficionado, you would think that no matter where you go, you would see at least a couple of people using either Swedish snus, E Cigarettes or even Nasal snuff. In the small town where I live, I can go into any of the bars or restaurants, at any given time, and see at least one person using an E Cigarette or find a can of snus on the table.

It's partly due to me living there and talking to anyone standing outside in the freezing cold smoking a cigarette, about the alternatives but even if I go into the big city, I could still see the same. It's probably the same thing with you; you go into a club, bar or restaurant and see someone smoking an E Cigarette or notice a round can of snus on the bar. It may even be the reason why you're here reading this piece out of curiosity for just what exactly these things are.

I've even noticed that just about every convenience store in the US is beginning to carry at least Blu E Cigs and General Square can Swedish snus so, with all this exposure, you would think during an eight day vacation at the largest amusement park resort complex (Walt Disney World resort in Florida) in the world, one would see at least a dozen or so people using at least an E Cigarette. Well, I'm sad to report that besides my wife and myself, we only saw two other people using E Cigarettes and I noticed maybe three people using General snus. We made it a priority to visit both smoking areas in the resort we were staying at on property and as many of the smoking areas within the four parks as we could and still saw only two E Cigarettes and a few guys using snus. I was really puzzled by this and figured I needed to find out just what was going on.

The day after we arrived, I went to the marketplace in the Disney hotel we were staying at and started looking at the small glass case that held the cigarettes, cigars and liquor, looking for possibly a can of snus (I would have even been happy to see Camel SNUS) or an E Cigarette or two. I found nothing of the sort and when I asked a cast member if they carried either Swedish snus or E Cigarettes, they very politely told me that they even have a limited selection of real cigarettes and don't carry E Cigarettes or snus but, the Hess gas stations scattered throughout the resort do carry General snus and a pretty good selection of E Cigarettes! I asked her if she had many guests asking for them and she said a few but she knew about them because when she's not working, she smokes an E Cigarette. OK, so there are people vacationing here that are asking about snus and E Cigs but I've still only seen a few. I thought that possibly there are many folks that are using them but have no place on property to buy them, not so much!

Later that night, my wife and I stopped at one of the smoking areas at the hotel and we began talking to some of the people there that were smoking. Believe it or not, some of the nicest people we've ever met at Walt Disney World have been at the smoking areas. We've been vacationing there for over 13 years and never once met a smoker that wasn't willing to strike up a conversation! My wife pulled out a cigarette (yep, she still smokes on occasion but mainly uses E Cigs) and I pulled out one of my E Cigs and one of the ladies sitting with us asked me what I was smoking. I told her it was an electronic cigarette and began telling her about them and to my chagrin, she had told us that she had heard about them but thought they were way more expensive than cigarettes. I explained to her that if you figure that an E Cig is comparable to two packs of cigarettes, the costs are much lower. The rechargeable kits are even cheaper since 5 cartridges equal a carton and the cartridges cost a quarter of what a carton of cigarettes do. Plus, there are many different flavors to choose from and they are much safer than smoking. I gave her one of my sample ones to try along with my card with the website and she said she'd give it a go. Long story short, I saw her again the next day and she was in love with the E Cigarette!

On another occasion, my wife was at the smoking area by the pool area talking to some gentlemen about smokeless tobacco and Smokeless Aficionado in general. She had her E Cig with her and they began asking her about E Cigs and Swedish snus. It turns out that these gentlemen were retired business executives and were truly interested in what my wife was saying. The men told her that they had never heard of Swedish snus and were just hearing about E Cigarettes. One of them was a retired marketing exec and seemed intrigued by the whole thing. They all had told her that if they had these options back when they were working they would have jumped on the bandwagon. She gave them all business cards and told them to visit the site to learn more. When she and I met up again, I began to see what was wrong and why we weren't seeing the amount of people using Swedish snus and E Cigs that we thought we would. Education!
I've based this website on having the sole purpose of educating the public on these alternatives for cigarette smoking and showing the differences between them but nothing beats a face to face conversation from a current user of E Cigarettes, Swedish snus and Nasal snuff to the general public. What I learned from this trip was that no matter how much money is dumped into advertising a company, or website for that matter does to promote its self, word of mouth and good old fashioned chatting with the public is always the best tool. We'd like to think that in the short amount of time we were at Disney World, we made a difference in a few people's lives and got them on the road to quitting smoking and using safer alternatives and hope that if you visit the Disney World Resort, you'll spend some time in the smoking areas talking about your journey to others.

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