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A new innovation in snus buying in Stockholm!

Sweden has always been on the cusp of innovation from a safer way to enjoy tobacco to ready-to-assemble furniture sales and now an innovative way for Swedish snus users in Stockholm, Sweden to purchase the spitless, smokeless tobacco, that's been popular there of over 200 years, emerges this winter! A new concept snus shop was revealed to us at the Swedish match snus summit in Washington DC earlier this week that promisses to be not only the first of it's kind in Sweden but anywhere else in the world!

While the details for this new snus shop have yet to be released (we will have more information on this in the upcoming weeks), we were allowed a sneak peek at the idea and concept drawings. The shop's main premise is to offer the Swedish snus user a place where they can try different flavors of Swedish Match's snus prior to purchasing but it doesn't end there. Swedish Match wants to offer their customers a unique buying experience by incorporating a trendy internet cafe and merchandise section in the new shop. Merchandise offered will be clothing and accessories that will compliment the Swedish Match snus brands like the popular Nick & Johnny snus and the classic Ettan brand.


The single thing that made us standup and take special notice of this consept is that Swedish Match intends to create an immersive snus buying experience that has never been tried before. Swedish snus users will enter the shop and see small sections in the tasting area where they can try a particular snus prior to buying it. Each section, like the Ettan section for example, will have a description of the snus, the flavors in it and the scents that make up the snus. Ettan, for one, has hints of leather, fall leaves and a hint of chocolate so, when you step up to the Ettan tasting section, you will have the opportunity to sample the snus along with the scents that compliment it. It seems like a pretty unique way to find a snus you like without having to buy the entire can to find out if you like it or not!

While we don't have any of the concept drawings or final plans for the project as of yet, Marcus Carlsson of Swedish Match Scandinavia has said that the shop is planned to be open before Christmas 2012. We asked Marcus how such a brand new concept could have such as short timeline he mearly told us that "this inititave comes from the top and when it comes from the top, you have to make it work no matter what!" At the summit, we were told that we should have clearer details and the concept drawings soon and when we do get them, we will do another report that will give you more clarity on the project! As the summit wound down, we asked Marcus if we would be invited to the grand opening of the shop and he said "maybe a nice Christmas present? We will have to wait and see!". If Smokeless Aficionado is invited, you will all be the first to know!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds to know when we get the concept information and when new information is available!

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